Friday, September 25, 2015

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for the 3DS

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer was released on Sept. 25th, 2015 by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS.

FUN: In this version of Animal Crossing, all you do is Design Houses, Lot, Buildings, and add as many pieces of Furniture you want without worrying about Bells to buy the items you are using. However, that's all you do. No Bug, Fish, Fossil, or Painting Collecting. Just Designing. FUN - 1.5.

REPLAY: This is one of those Neverending type games. It doesn't have an end. You just keep making designs until you drop. REPLAY - 1.

STORY: You are the new employee at Tom Nook's Homes. And apparently, the only pro when it comes to designing. Everyday, you do a designing job, write a report (aka Saving), and go to the next day while a run-on gag of Tom Nook's meetings and business is just playing Golf. STORY - 1.

DIFFERENCE/ORIGINAL: Not much Original content for this game. It's like any other Animal Crossing Game except that they only have you do one thing, design rooms and lots. Besides that Difference, you don't have to worry about Bells and you can design and add things to your heart contents. DIFFERENCE/ORIGINAL - 1.

DIFFICULTY: This is an Animal Crossing Game... there is no Difficulty in this series. DIFFICULTY - 2.

TOTAL - 6.5.

There you have it. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Until next review, I have been Nostalgic Gamer 89. Hope you continue to read my reviews!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Super Mario Maker for the Wii U

Super Mario Maker is a Create & Share your own levels game for the Nintendo Wii U. Released on Sept. 11th, 2015 for North America by Nintendo.

FUN: Super Mario Maker (or SMM for short for the rest of the review) is what I call Neverending. All you do in this game is Create new Levels, Upload your Levels, and play Mario Challenges that uses other gamers Levels. There are 2 Mario Challenge Modes; 10 Mario Challenge & 100 Mario Challenge both with an Easy and Hard Mode. Besides that, there is not much else. FUN - 1.

REPLAY: As I said before, this game is Neverending. There are unlimited number of Stages to play from other Players. There is an ID Number featured on every uploaded Level for easy share. And it's always different each time you play the Mario Challenges. As for the Creating Part, that only ends when your imagination ends. REPLAY - 2.

STORY: There's is no story. None at all. STORY - 0.

DIFFERENCE/ORIGINAL: This whole game is Original when is comes to Create-A-Level stand point. Unless you are a Hacker and made Bootleg Mario Games, this is the 1st Mario game where you Create the 8 World Levels. DIFFERENCE/ORIGINAL - 2.

DIFFICULTY: This one is hard to pin-point... Every Level is different due to actual Players like yourself Creating them. Some are hard, some are balanced, and some are easy. I guess it can be said that this game is balanced due to the ability to skip hard levels in the Mario Challenges. The main difficulty is to actually get people to give a star to your levels. The More Stars you get, the more Medals you Profile has. The More Medals you have, the More Levels you can Upload. Only Problem is that you need real players to play, beat, and star your levels in order to get medals. DIFFICULTY - 1.5.

Total - 6.5.

There you have it. Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo Wii U. Until Next Time, This has been Nostalgic Gamer 89. Keep On Gaming!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Splatoon for Nintendo Wii U

Splatoon is a game made by the company Nintendo and released on May 29th, 2015 at Midnight. It's a 3rd-Person Shooter involving creatures called Inklings who love battling in turf wars.

FUN: This game can be quite addicting. It's mostly a Multiplayer Online game, but it also has a Single Player part to it as well. Only downfall is that the game does not balance high leveled players with new low leveled player very well, thus leaving some battles unfair and one sided. However, even if that is the case, the game is so addicting that you will just try and win the next battle. Single Player mode is pretty much just a bunch of missions to save the Great Zapfish that apparently alien Octos stole. FUN - 1.5

REPLAY: This game, which is easy to say, is just an Online Shooter. However, the way they set it up, it never gets boring. When you join your friends sometimes they will be your teammates and other times your foes. Also, they set up a set of arenas to battle on and after a while they change the arenas to different one, allowing us to play different areas without giving them to us all at once. REPLAY - 2.

Story: There is none or very little. Sure the Single Player mode tells a story in missions, but not by much. This game is more of an Online Shooter. STORY - 0.5

DIFFERENCE/ORIGINAL: This whole game is more or less unique. The only thing I saw that is not unique is the fact that it is a Online Shooter. There are a lot out there. DIFFERENCE/ORIGINAL - 1.5

DIFFICULTY: Now for difficulty, it has to do with your foes' skills vs yours and your teammates' skills. Other then that, nothing. No choice of difficulty. No added difficulty. It's all skills. DIFFICULTY - 2.

TOTAL - 7.5

There you have it. Splatoon for the Wii U. Not much to the game, but addicting and fun nonetheless. This has been Benjamin P. Parker aka NostalgicGamer89 & Nintendo Rater. Until next time. Keep on Gaming!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ducktales Remastered for the Wii U (PS3, XBOX360, & PC too)

Ducktales Remastered is a remake of a old classic NES title "Ducktales" made by CAPCOM in Sept. 1989. With the help of WayForward, CAPCOM released this version for 4 systems in Nov. 12, 2013. I played it on the Wii U, so this game will be reviewed under that system.

FUN: If you remember the classic NES game as well as the Saturday Morning Cartoons, then this game will bring Nostalgia overload. When they Remastered the game, they change little to nothing about it. The controls are still great, the music is still memorable, and they even added Voice Acting that bring childhood memories of the cartoons back. FUN - 2.

REPLAY: This game doesn't have much replay value. However, it is so simple ad enjoyable for many players that replaying the levels for the humor and music is still fun. On top of that, on your first playthrough, you are not able to find enough money to be able to buy all the gallery items to unlock everything. The good news still, one the game is beaten the first time, all the stages are unlocked for you to pick and play. REPLAY - 1.

STORY: It all starts off with the Beagle Boys breaking into Scrooge McDuck's Money Vault. You play as Mr. McDuck as you are going through your Vault battling the Beagle Boys with your only weapon, your cane. Within the Vault, you find you Nephews Huey, Dewey, & Louie trapped by the Beagle Boys.

After rescuing your Nephews and saving your Vault, Scrooge McDuck finds a Treasure Map leading to 5 different places with 5 highly valued treasures. It up to you as Scrooge McDuck to find these treasures to make yourself even richer! STORY - 2.

DIFFERENCE/ORIGINAL: There's not much differences in this game nor are there any original content. This is a remastered version of the classic NES title. However, there are a few changes. The most major change in this version is the last level.

In the classic NES title, they had you replay one of the past levels as the final level. In this game, they added 2 new levels, The Vault as a opening level & another one just for it to be used as the final level. Another change is that the game actually has Voice Acting. The NES version had it's limitations, so they couldn't do any voice acting. The comedy between Scrooge McDuck and LaunchPad will have you laugh time to time. With the Wii U tablet, You are able to keep the map displayed as you play the game on the TV. The last add-on is the Gallery. The Gallery can only be unlocked when you spend your founded new cash on the items. DIFFERENCE/ORIGINAL - 2

DIFFICULTY: This game actually has 4 different difficulty settings; Easy, Medium, Hard, & Extreme (only unlocked by beating the game on Hard). Each difficulty setting has it's own set of rules. There's also a mode called Hard Pogo (for your cane, since you use it as a pogo stick). The controls are simple and easy to use. However, a newbie can have trouble at times with the jumping from rope to rope and jump distances. All these issues can be annoy, but you soon get a hang of knowing how soon enough, so you will learn fast. DIFFICULTY - 2.

TOTAL - 9.

There you have it! Ducktales Remastered for the Wii U! I highly recommend this Nostalgic Trip for anyone who wants a cheap, simple, but fun game. Until next time, this has been Benjamin P. Parker aka The Nintendo Rater.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse for the Nintendo 3DS

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse is a Nintendo 3DS & Wii U eShop Exclusive game by WayForward. Released on October 23, 2014, this is the 3rd game of the Shantae series.

Shantae is a Half Genie and the Guardian Genie for Scuttle Town. In this game, thanks to a pirate named Risky Boots in the previous game Shantae: Risky's Revenge, Shantae is no longer a Genie.

FUN: This game captures the essence of what a classic platformer game should be. Since Shantae is no longer a Half Genie, she has to use Tools and Weapons, instead of transformation magic from her previous games, she picks up along her journey to aid her even further. The Touch Screen for the 3DS makes for easy access to her items such as health items and extra attack weaponry and power.

The controls are smooth and the button placement makes anyone who hasn't played a Shantae game before easy to pick up and play. The characters and music also makes the game quite enjoyable. FUN - 2.

REPLY: The reply value for this Shantae game is actually quite unique. There are 3 different ending for this game; Any% complete, 100% complete, and 100% Speedrun. However, you can't unlock the 100% Speedrun until you beat the game once with either Any% or 100% complete. On top of that, beating the game once will unlock, Pirate Mode!

Pirate Mode allows the player to start the game with all the Pirate weapons and tools you picked up during your 1st playthrough. This allows quick shortcuts and gives you a better chance at the 100% Speedrun ending for the 2nd playthrough. REPLAY - 2.

STORY: The story starts off with Shantae getting awoken by a load bang outside her lighthouse. When she goes and checks it out, she finds out that Ammo Baron is taking over the city! During her trek through Scuttle Town, she finds the Mayor you told her that Ammo Baron owns the town now! After finding and defeating the Ammo Baron, Shantae is given a summons saying that she is fired as the town's Guardian Genie for attacking the owner!

After being assigned to her house until further notice, Shantae gets captured by Risky Boots. Risky then tells her to give her back her crew and weapons. Shantae being confused by this quickly states that she doesn't have her crew and weapons. Risky then shows Shantae that her Uncle has one of her crew member locked up. Before Shantae tried to find an answer to why, a dark mist enters Risky's crew member and transforms it into a Cacklebat! Risky releases Shantae when she realizes there's a bigger problem, the Pirate King is being revived! It's up to Shantae and Risky to stop this from happening before the whole world becomes the Pirate King's. STORY - 2.

DIFFERENCE/ORIGINAL: In all of the other Shantae games, Shantae was a Half Genie. Being a Half Genie gave Shantae the power to Transform into animals by dancing. In this game, thanks to Risky Boots in the previous game, no longer has that power. Instead, Shantae has to use weaponry and tools she picks up and buys in order to complete her quest. That's preety much the only difference about this game. DIFFERNCE/ORIGINAL - 1.

DIFFICULTY: The Shantae series and WayForward knows what makes a great platformer. Smooth controls and easy button placements. Those two things makes the game easy to pick up and only your skills and what you learn from playing the game will help you along the way. Most of the time, it will be you own doing that will get you killed. From not having enough healing items to forgetting a simple pattern to get through. Most of the mistakes will be you and not the game's. DIFFICULTY - 2.

TOTAL - 9.

Well, that's Shantae and the Pirate's Curse in a nutshell! I will be reviewing Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero for the PS Vita when it comes out, so be sure to check out my Non-Nintendo VG review Blog to read it! Until next time, this has been the Nintendo Rater! See ya!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley for the Nintendo 3DS

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley was made by the company Natsume for the Nintendo 3DS. Released on Nov. 4th, 2014, this is the new addition to the Harvest Moon series. This is the 3rd Harvest Moon 3DS game (2nd if you only count Only for 3DS games. Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns was for both DS & 3DS) Natsume made for Nintendo.

FUN: This game is a great addition to the famous Harvest Moon series. With the whole land left to your creative genius, you can make the land any way you want it. The game kind of makes you think a bit of Minecraft in the way of land forming. They also brought back the lift and move Buildings like in their previous game Harvest Moon: A New Beginning. However, this time you need the help of a guy by the name of Doc and his devices Insta-Buildings and ARCHITECT (Yes... In the game, the name is in all caps). The whole raising crops and animals has become a bit easier thanks to the story part of the game and money making is very easy due to all the Mine throughout the land. On top of all that, the marriage and kid aging is fantastic. FUN - 2.

REPLAY: This is a Harvest Moon game... The only replay value it has if you want to play both Genders or you accidentally deleted you file. Unless you do either one, this game is endless. REPLAY - 0.5.

 STORY: The story goes as followed. You find yourself in a heavy snowstorm, climbing a mountain path. Upon reaching the top, you hear a voice saying go inside the house in front of you. Of course you do & you go to sleep. While asleep, you dream of the Harvest Goddess. In this dream, she's asking for your help to save this land. When you wake up, you find 3 Tools; a Watering Can, a Hoe, & a Shovel. After grabbing the tools, you step outside to hear a voice calling for help. You go to the spot where the voice was and shovel to find one of many Harvest Sprites. He then tells you that the Harvest Goddess became weak and thus this land lost the other 3 seasons to an endless Winter and they need your help in bring back those seasons and the Harvest Goddess. STORY - 2.

DIFFERENCE/ORIGINAL: This Harvest Moon game surprisingly has quite a bit of Originally in the game. Sure, as I said before, the creating land part feels like Minecraft, however... they never did something like this in any Harvest Moon game. Usually, you can only rearrange Items and, last game, Buildings. This time, the whole land is in your hands. Shape it to however you want it. On top of that, there are new crops to grow and well as new fodder and food to make thanks to recipes. There's even recipes for buildings! There is quite a wide range of interesting people you meet in the game, from an inventor named Doc (who makes me think of Doc Brown from 'Back to the Future'), a Blacksmith who talks in 3rd Person (who became my Father-In-Law due to marriage in the game), a rich girl, and a very young girl looking for her mom and her only clue is a pendent with her picture in it. On top of that, there are only 3 Bachelors & Bachelorettes in the game. For your kids growing stage, you are given Formula Milk to feed you kid and you will need to buy the recipes to make it as well. If you don't feed your kid at least once during the day, you will be woken up in the middle of the night by the kid's crying and your energy level will go down for the next day. On top of that, you will wake up at 8am instead of your normal 6am. During your kid's growing stage, your kid will get the Sleeping Sickness and it's your job to find a cure! Another new thing is the requests. Requests can be story based or just something that appears when you raise friendship levels with people (it also help raise them too). The Sleeping Sickness that your kid gets is actually an added bonus story request (mainly due to Natsume knowing you will be getting married and raising a kid). Lastly, you can ask the Harvest Sprites you awaken to help you with chores such as helping your flowers grow and growing special Sprite Trees (which is needed to get Mysterious Lumber to build your Giant House in order to get married and have a kid). DIFFERENCE/ORIGINAL - 2.

DIFFICULTY: None. Nana. Zilch. This is a Harvest Moon game. Even the story and the requests are easy. I finished the story before the 1st year was over and for certain requests you can use a Save & Reload Cheat that refreshes what appears in the mines and what type of wool, eggs, and milk you can get (due to the items have to be the same Quality in order for it to work. Only annoying part). Raising crops and animals are quite easy as well. DIFFICULTY - 0.5.

TOTAL - 7.

There you have it! Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley in a nut shell! Hope you gamers enjoy this review! Until next time, this has been the Nintendo Rater! See ya!

Monday, December 30, 2013

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for the Nintendo 3DS

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is a game that was released on November 22nd, 2013 Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past and game that got released in 1992 for the Super Nintendo aka SNES.

FUN: By far the best sequel Nintendo has ever made. Some of there other sequel (like Super Mario Galaxy 2... another rating for a later date... maybe) doesn't come close to comparison to this game. The controls, the story, & the gameplay all are fantastic. FUN - 2.

REPLAY: Even though it's a Zelda game and Zelda games tend to not have any replay value. Well... this sort of does. Sure it only has Hero Mode after you beat the game, however... the game is so great players are going to be playing it over and over trying to do 100% Speed Runs just like A Link To The Past. REPLAY - 1.

STORY: Just like A Link To The Past, someone has been capturing the sages in order to revive Ganon. However, since it is the sequel, it the sages' kids. Yep... the descendants of the sages. The descendant of the lost hero, Link must do thing same thing his past self did years ago to save Hyrule and Princess Zelda. STORY - 1.5.

DIFFERENCE/ORIGINAL: Well... the Original part can mostly go out the window here. It's more the Difference here that counts. It takes place in the same world map as the Light World in A Link To The Past (see... no Original here). Almost every dungeon is the same. Placement and everything except for a few minor details that only players who watch or played A Link To The Past can catch. The Difference is the instead of you gaining ALL you weapons and gear from the dungeons, you get them from a mysterious bunny guy named Ravio. However, the catch is that you RENT them. If you die, all RENTED items go back to him. Sure... after a while you can buy them off him to KEEP, but for a whole lot of Rupees (This game is very Rupee based... just like Skyward Sword... later date... again). Another Difference is of course, the Sages or Sages' Descendants. It's their kids. The next Difference is the Opposite World. In A Link To The Past... it was the Dark World (Light and Dark... creative...), but for this game it's a world called Lorule, a counterpart of Hyrule. Everyone in Hyrule has a complete Opposite way of think and most of them are quite rude in Lorule. However, some of them do keep a few things the same as their Hyrule counterpart (like the Blacksmith still love his work and swords). Of course... Princess Zelda has a counterpart named Princess Hilda. The Last difference is the way you go between Hyrule and Lorule. It's not the Magic Mirror in A Link To The Past, it actually you new skill... making yourself into a moving painting and going through tight crevices. DIFFERENCE/ORIGINAL - 1.5.

DIFFICULTY: Nice Balance... not much to say about it. It a Zelda game. DIFFICULTY - 2.

TOTAL - 8.

There you have it. LoZ: A Link Between Worlds in a nutshell. Until next time, this has been Benjamin P. Parker aka the Nintendo Rater.